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Bryan - Actual Patient


I neglected my teeth while in college, so over time I started to have some issues. I first found Dr. Eileen Brusseau in 2004 while she was working at another office and had her fix my teeth. I needed some fillings and a crown to address some cavities that were causing some sensitivity. She never made me feel guilty. She always made me feel comfortable and heard while talking me through exactly what the plan was. I was fearful at first after not having been to the dentist in years but she made the entire experience anxiety free and more importantly pain-free. I followed her to Townsend Dental Group and have been seeing her ever since. I have referred many of my friends here and they too are raving fans.

Generations Of
My Family
Come Here

Ashley - Actual Patient


Our whole family comes to Townsend Dental Group. My Mom and my family had been seeing Dr. Eileen Brusseau for many years at a previous location and when she transitioned, we all followed her here. Now even my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings come here. I had been a nervous nellie about going to the dentist my entire life but realized quickly that under the care of Townsend Dental Group and their amazing team, I felt at ease and supported through my anxious moments. I was completely relaxed and felt my anxiety level drop from a 10 to a 4. They get to know you on a personal level which makes you also feel less stressed. You find yourself bonding over commonalities and becoming friends.

Gentle, Kind &

Mary & Bill Waight - Actual Patient

Mary & Bill Waight

We drive over 45 minutes to go to Townsend Dental Group and would drive even further if we had to. We have been seeing Dr. Eileen Brusseau over 20 years and followed her here because of her professionalism and amazing personality. She gets to know you as a person and takes the time needed to build lasting relationships. The culture we feel at this dental office is seen through every action they take. They treat their team like equals and it shows in all their interactions. We appreciate that every time we come here we see the same dental assistant who we’ve gotten to know personally and consider a friend.

Honesty, Trust
& Sincerity

Marsha - Actual Patient


What I like most about Townsend Dental Group is how you are treated as a person. I feel very comfortable coming here. They get to know you personally and remember everything about you so that your visits are consistent every time. I have an innate fear of the dentist to the point where I feel nauseous but they alleviated that anxiety from my first visit in 2013. Their approach to dentistry is conservative yet honest and you can trust in their word. They are extremely sincere in their recommendations for treatment and only want you to have the healthiest of smiles.

Quality &

Diana - Actual Patient


For me, coming to the dentist is like a visit with a friend. I met Dr. Eileen Brusseau over 20 years ago when we were new to the area. She quickly became the best dentist I'd ever had. When she opened Townsend Dental Group, it was a no-brainer that I would follow her. In fact, I'd follow her pretty much anywhere at this point! Throughout the years, she has provided pain-free preventative, routine, and sometimes urgent dental care, always with a focus on my physical and emotional comfort. Dr. Brusseau is a warm and capable provider and I value the rapport we have built. She has such an engaging personality and that carries over to everyone at the practice. Her entire team is wonderful, and I have had the pleasure of getting to know them closely. From the moment I am greeted when I walk in the door until the moment I leave, the entire experience is seamless and pleasant.

& Culture

Bob - Actual Patient


I leave this office feeling better and happier than when I walked in. I have been seeing Dr. Eileen Bruseau over 20 years and won't go anywhere else. Driving 45 minutes for the type of care that far exceeds your expectations is minimal compared to a lifetime of good oral health. Her attention to detail and technique are unlike any other experience. I no longer need novocaine since she is so gentle. I can even feel myself falling asleep in the chair. She has that calming personality that makes your heart rate drop when here. The professionalism I feel every time I am here resonates throughout the entire team. I just enjoy everything about this office from the greetings you receive when you walk in the door to the smiles on everyone’s face.