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Townsend Cosmetic Dentistry

Because Your Smile Speaks Before Saying a Single Word

Your best accessory. The first thing someone notices about you. It has the power to light up a room. Your smile is more than just a set of teeth. As Townsend dentists, we know how much a healthy smile can impact your everyday life — from the simplest, routine tasks to once-in-a-lifetime special occasions that we’ll cherish forever.

We all deserve a beautiful smile, teeth that speak with us as part of a confident package, not about us as something that’s embarrassing or we try to hide. Where do you stand with your smile? Is it the way you’ve always wanted it to look? Are you happy with its health and appearance?

Maybe it’s time you really learned about what cosmetic dentistry from your Townsend dentists can do for you, your smile, and your life.

Beautiful Benefits, Remarkable Results

Whether you’re new to the Townsend Dental Group family or have been with us for years, there’s a lot you can learn about cosmetic dentistry. With renewed interest in transforming our bodies and our smiles in a beauty-obsessed culture, cosmetic dentistry has grown in popularity over the years. More patients of all ages see how life-changing these types of treatments can be, and opting to take their teeth to the next level that they’ve always wanted and deserve.

By simply learning more about cosmetic dentistry and its services, you’re already embarking on a journey that yields remarkable results most patients have to see to believe. It’s an aesthetic transformation, but it’s also a self-confidence transformation.

Our team of dentists and in-house specialists regularly see firsthand how cosmetic dentistry can have a positive impact on someone’s life — and it never gets old.

Cosmetic treatments are designed to:

  • Correct the size, shape, and alignment of imperfect teeth
  • Fill in any unattractive spaces or gaps between teeth
  • Fix issues with your bite and alignment
  • Lighten, brighten, and whiten your smile
  • Repair tooth damage such as cracks, chips, breaks, and decay
  • Fix a missing tooth or teeth
  • Replace dated, discolored dental treatments that show their age


You did the research, now it’s time to learn how cosmetic dentistry in Townsend can bring beautiful benefits to your life that you never thought possible. When your cosmetic treatment is complete, you’ll wonder why you waited so long! Share your thoughts with us today, and schedule some time to talk about your affordable cosmetic dentistry options today.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are kind of like the little rockstars of the cosmetic dentistry world. So many people know about them and even equate cosmetic dentistry with porcelain veneers that they’ve skyrocketed in popularity over the past few decades. Everyone from Hollywood stars to lawyers and CEOs has megawatt smiles that look free from imperfections. The good news? Porcelain veneers aren’t for the elite. They’re used for patients of all ages to treat chips, cracks, and discolorations of all shapes and sizes. Porcelain veneers are hands-down one of cosmetic dentistry’s most sought-after solutions because of their restorative qualities, especially in terms of appearance. Believe it or not, porcelain veneers can take years off your age for a younger, youthful appearance. Porcelain veneers are custom-designed to cover the surface of your natural teeth, for an amazing smile upgrade you’ll have to see to believe.

Minimal Prep Veneers

With all cosmetic dentistry, there’s usually some preparatory work that needs to be completed prior to placing your dental veneers. With some cases when having porcelain veneers placed on the teeth, your Townsend dentist will have to prepare the tooth by scraping the enamel to ensure a proper fit. Our high quality minimal prep veneers are a little different in that they’re thinner and don’t tend to require any prep work to your smile prior to having them placed. Because they’re constructed of a thinner material, minimal prep veneers don’t have the same ability to repair and rebuild your teeth as compared to porcelain veneer options. If you’re someone who’s hesitant about making the full commitment to porcelain veneers or are looking for more of a quick fix for your smile, talk to us today about the benefits that minimal prep veneers has to offer you and your smile. We’re happy to discuss your options and help you find the best path to your best smile.

Full-Mouth Restoration

Sometimes in our lives, no matter how much time and energy we’ve invested in taking care of our smiles, things start to fall apart. It can happen to anyone, at any age, for a variety of reasons, and one of the biggest things you should know is that it’s not your fault. Dental restorations and our natural teeth fail over time. If your smile is starting to or has been showing signs of poor health, it might be the time to talk to your Townsend dentist about a full-mouth restoration. When we talk with patients about this type of cosmetic procedure, we let them know that everything we do is designed to conserve and protect as much of or as many of your natural teeth as we can. Sometimes this requires us to rely on multiple, different dental procedures to completely restore your smile’s function, balance, and appearance.

A full-mouth restoration doesn’t happen without a completely custom, comprehensive plan of how to address each tooth and other issues. We don’t start any treatment until you’re comfortable, have honest answers to all of your questions, and are 100 percent committed to having a revamped smile and confidence thanks to your life-changing full-mouth restoration from Townsend Dental Group.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening isn’t as glamorous or well known as its other cosmetic dentistry counterparts such as porcelain veneers, but this treatment has many dental uses that can help make your smile more healthy and attractive. If you ever find yourself with a cavity below your gum line, you might need a little crown lengthening to help out. Your crown is the visible part of your tooth, so when you’re set to undergo crown lengthening, we’ll work with your gum to expose more of your tooth root or crown. This gives your dentist more to work with if you’re planning on additional procedures such as getting a crown. If you don’t have enough tooth structure for the crown to attach to, crown lengthening should help do the trick.

We can also use crown lengthening to do something similar to a “gum lift” where we can help patients who dislike having a gummy smile. When our gum line is too big or uneven, it can change the appearance of our teeth. Crown lengthening can create a whole new smile you can feel confident about showing off.

Gum Recontouring

Similar to crown lengthening, gum recontouring is another tool your dentist may use to help fix a smile that’s too gummy in appearance. When our gums take up too much of our teeth or our smile, it can be downright frustrating and embarrassing, especially if you have otherwise straight healthy teeth. You want that perfect, toothy grin but it always feels like your gums are getting in the way. The good news is that gum recontouring is a relatively simple treatment that permanently fixes your issues for good. Also commonly referred to as a gum lift or gingivectomy, gum recontouring reshapes your gums for a smile that’s more balanced and beautiful. This is a non-invasive office procedure and is typically completed in just one, easy visit to our Townsend dental office.

Composite Bonding

Are there little things like these that are making you less than excited to share your smile every day?

  • A cracked front tooth
  • Uneven, chipped teeth
  • Dark discolorations at the gum line
  • That metal filling you’re always hiding when you smile

It doesn’t have to be this way. Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way over the years and that includes the many versatile uses for composite bonding. It’s a truly amazing dental service that’s used on patients of all ages from toddlers to grandparents. Composite bonding has the power to recreate your natural smile in just one visit to our dental office in Townsend. If you’re interested in learning how composite bonding can improve your teeth, you need to schedule a consultation and have a conversation with us. We can discuss what shading you’re looking for and how you’ll expect the results to look. Trust knowing that you’re in qualified, highly-trained hands at Townsend Dental Group. Our dentists have a keen, artistic eye and can sculpt your bonding to enhance your smile’s natural beauty.

Tooth Recontouring

There are no limits to what cosmetic dentistry can do for you and your smile. Tooth recontouring is just another amazing treatment that can transform your dull smile into the dazzling accessory you deserve. Tooth recontouring is all about aesthetics and is one of the safest, most non-invasive ways you can restore balance to your smile. Tooth recontouring is designed to burnish and buff away your imperfections such as sharp, jagged teeth, cracks, pits, and misshapen teeth. Tooth recontouring can be especially helpful for patients who struggle with bruxism or grinding of the teeth and now have a smile that’s showing the results of that.

This procedure is gentle and is usually recommended to refine your smile’s overall appearance and texture. If you’re interested in erasing some of the issues you have with your teeth, talk to your Townsend dental team about how tooth recontouring could be the cosmetic dentistry solution you’ve been searching for.

Smile Whitening

Smile whitening is cosmetic dentistry’s most mainstream treatment that pretty much everyone knows about because it’s available over-the-counter. You can’t go to the oral health aisles in the supermarket or drugstore without seeing a variety of smile whitening products to choose from. This is because our teeth are stained from too much coffee, tea, wine, sodas, and other foods and beverages that people want to find a way to whiten their teeth without it costing a fortune.

At Townsend Dental Group, we understand how it feels to have a confident, whiter smile, especially if you’re facing a big special occasion. That’s why we offer our patients two separate smile whitening options:

  • Take-Home: The take-home trays are generally worn with a special whitening solution either twice daily for a half-hour or overnight for a few weeks. It all depends on the degree of discoloration in your smile.
  • Whitening Strips: Professional whitening strips are a safe, convenient way to whiten your teeth while on the go. These plastic strips adhere to your teeth and are unnoticeable to the naked eye while attacking stain build up on the tooth’s surface.

Talk to us about your professional whitening options to see which may best fit your needs. (The results will last way longer than those whitening strips you’ve been using.)