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Townsend Pediatric Dentistry

Caring for Townsend’s Smallest Smiles

Little smiles need some big love so they can grow up strong and healthy. At Townsend Dental Group, we welcome your kiddos with open arms starting at the age of one. (We can even start to see them before age one if you feel it’s necessary. Just let us know!)

Pediatric dentistry has a special place in our hearts because we love our dental family of patients, including the newest additions. Children and their smiles are all different, but they have similar needs when it comes to keeping teeth healthy. They all need to see a dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings ensuring they grow up with a smile that’s strong and healthy just like they are.

A Worry-Free Zone for Patients and Parents

It’s easy to say that your kiddo will go to the dentist regularly and everything is sunshine and rainbows. However, we all know how the real world can really work. What do you do when you have a little one who’s afraid of going to the dentist? What if your child has special needs that can make a trip to the dentist an intense experience for both patients and parents? Rest assured the pediatric dentistry team at Townsend Dental Group is there for you, in your corner when you need it most.

Our talented team has additional training, understanding, and the compassion it takes to help every child have a dental experience that’s positive and pain-free. We create a fun, friendly atmosphere, free from threatening or harsh words such as “needle” or “drill.” When your little one is with us, dentistry becomes fun and seeing the dentist is an experience they can equate to laughter and happiness.

Cool Tools and Technology

Forget about how going to the dentist was when you were little. Today’s modern dental world is full of technology and tools that make it less stressful. Our state-of-the-art dental office in Townsend is specially equipped with:

  • Digital radiographs or x-rays to reduce exposure
  • Soft tissue lasers to complete frenectomies with ease
  • Leading-edge technology to help apply sealants cleanly and quickly

Loving the dentist starts from the very first visit when we’re little. Bringing your little one to a dental home like ours ensures they’re going to be in excellent hands from start to finish. We’ll treat them like a member of our own family with compassion and concern every second they’re under our care.