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Townsend Dental Services

Multi-Specialty Smile Care You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

In today’s world, we have everything at our fingertips. Any kind of food delivered with the click of a button. A new pair of shoes sent directly to our house overnight, while we sleep. You can even buy a brand new car online and have it delivered directly to your driveway.

How do you and Townsend Dental Group fit into all of this? Think of us kind of like your one-stop shop for all things smile care. There’s someone for everyone on our team, whether it’s the front desk staff or a dental specialist, who’s always ready to help you and your smile be their very healthiest.

Dental Services

An experience for the ages

We love to work with patients of all ages and stages of life because we truly love taking care of teeth and smiles.

As a patient with us, you’re going to notice that everyone you encounter and meet with wants to build a foundation of trust and honesty. You’ll be treated like the special individual that you are instead of just another person in the dental chair who needs their teeth cleaned. Having a positive, nurturing patient experience helps people of all ages feel more comfortable at the dentist and it’s critical to a successful dental partnership with patients.

We make sure our patients are relaxed and feeling good about having their smile taken care of. Our team also understands that not every person in Townsend is excited to sit in the dental chair or thrilled to hear they need a cavity filled. That’s why we try to ensure every trip to the dentist is met with soothing positivity and relaxation. Gone are the days when you sit at home thinking of excuses to cancel your upcoming cleaning or treatment because you’re too nervous or afraid to see the dentist. With personal, one-on-one care from Townsend Dental Group, you’ll see smile care in a whole new, favorable light. (You might actually like coming to the dentist!)

With us, every service your smile could need to stay healthy is offered with a compassionate, conservative approach to caring for and protecting your natural teeth as much as possible. Our office is the only practice in the area to offer care where specialists are on-hand so there’s no need for waiting on annoying referrals. Your smile and happiness are always our first priorities, and we’ll do everything we can to give you something to smile about.