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If you think your gums are just another part of your mouth, think again. They’re actually an essential part of your smile, your oral health, and can even affect your overall health. That’s because your gum tissues are specifically designed to surround and support your teeth and the jawbone that holds them in place. Because your gums have such an important job, periodontists like ours take several extra years of dental training to better understand the gums, maintaining function in your smile, keeping teeth healthy, and the aesthetics of your jawbone and tissues. They’re trained to see periodontal disease and find a solution that will work to help mend your gum health. This is extremely important because periodontal or gum disease is one of the biggest reasons why adult patients start to lose their teeth. For patients with moderate or severe cases of gum disease, we can prescribe ARESTIN. This special antimicrobial restores your oral bacteria to a healthier level.