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We love our hygiene team and we know you will too. They’re extremely skilled and always ready to answer your oral health questions. They’re concerned not only with your smile but with your overall health too. For most dental hygiene appointments, you can expect:

Removal of plaque and tartar – Plaque is a sticky film that forms on teeth and tartar is harder, more firmly attached to the surface of your teeth. Our hygiene team is fully equipped with the latest technology too! They use high-powered, yet gentle ultrasonic scalers. These professional cleaning devices are specifically designed to deep clean your smile using sound waves and a soothing jet of water.
Teeth polishing – Say goodbye to stains and plaque that brushing and flossing didn’t clean up.

By keeping up with your regular cleanings, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of excellent oral hygiene, and our team will be able to spot any issues early enough so we can take care of them (and you) to avoid problems with your smile in the future.