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How Do I Know If Tooth Pain Is Serious?
added on: February 18, 2021
woman with tooth pain examines her teeth in mirror

Any type of ongoing tooth pain usually means something isn’t quite right. But does that mean every toothache requires a visit to your dentist in West Townsend? The short answer — probably. However, if your pain lasts for 2 or more days, isn’t reduced with painkillers, and is paired with… Read More…

Don’t Let Stress Damage Your Teeth
added on: February 17, 2021
stressed man with mask

The past year or so has been… interesting, to say the least. With lockdowns, working from home, schooling from home, and everything in between, it’s only normal to feel more stressed than usual. But during these times of increased stress, it’s more important than ever to take care of your… Read More…

Make 2021 The Year You Finally Get Your Ideal Smile
added on: January 28, 2021
woman at the dentist

It’s easy to put off taking care of yourself. After all, we all know what it’s like when work, life, family, and other obligations get in the way. However, we’ve just turned the calendar on a new year, and it’s tradition to set some resolutions for yourself now for the… Read More…

Masks & Oral Health
added on: January 27, 2021
man with face mask in marketplace

Over the past several months, seeing facemasks everywhere we go has become the norm. For the foreseeable future, these facemasks will continue to be a part of our lives to help stop the spread of COVID-19. But this change in our daily routines can have a side effect that directly… Read More…

We Love Straightening Smiles in Townsend
added on: June 5, 2020
Townsend Dental Group in West Townsend

Learn More About Your Orthodontic Options Doesn’t it seem like orthodontic or smile straightening solutions are everywhere these days? You can’t turn on the TV or go online without an ad popping up for the aligners promising to fix your teeth in as little as six months. We’re here to… Read More…

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